How to do Video Editing from VN App APK?


How to do Video Editing from VN App APK?


First of all you have to download VN App APK from Play Store or below their is a link from which you directly .

After this, to edit the video✍️, first of all you have to open this app.

Now for you to edit the video✍️, first you have to select the video which you want to edit.

For this, you will get the (+) icon at the bottom, click on that and click on New Project.

After this you have to select your video from this option.

Here if you want, you can edit✍️ the video with the photo as well, for which you have to click on the photo.

After selecting the video, now you will get many features in this app.

With which you can do amazing video editing✍️ like a pro.

Features of Vn editing app

Filter – Here you get many Filters to do ColorGrading in Video.from this option you can also whiten your face by applying Filter.Apart from this, you can adjust the color from the Sky Color option

Speed ​​– here you get the option of Speed To make Slow / Fast Motion Video.

Split – To cut in the middle of the video, you can use  the option of Split.

Trim - If you want to trim any part from the Left / Right Side, then you can do it from trim icon

Here you get the option to add Shake Effects to FX – Video.

Delete - If you want to delete a video / audio layer, then you can delete it from delete option.

Extract Audio - If you want to separate the sound from the video that is extract sound from a video, then you can extract the audio.

Volume – If you want to increase the volume in the video, then you can increase it from this option.

Border – From the border option you  can give a border layer in the video.

Crop - If you want to remove any part in the video from the Corner Side, then you can Crop the icon

Rotate – You get this option to rotate the video up/down.

Mirror - If you want to mirror the video, then you can do it from this option.

Flip – This option is available to flip the video.

Freeze - If you want to freeze any part in the video, then you can do it from this option.

Here you get this option to make Reverse – Reverse Video

Zoom – If you want to zoom any part in the video, then you can do it from this option.

Forward - If you want to put the lower video layer in the upper layer, then you can forward from this option.

VN APP APK -Technical information 



VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow








175 MB


How you can do Video Editing in this APP  and here Above  I have l tell you many things about it, So to download the App you can go directly to playstore or you can download and install  from the link below. I hope this information will help you to use and install the vn app in your android and ios phones.

some of the sky and birds png for vn app you can get from here google drive .

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