how to make paypal account in mobile phone| paypal account kese banaye android phone main.

how to make paypal account in mobile phone| paypal account kese banaye android phone main.

Create Indian Paypal Account: Friends  I will tell you in this post, how to create a papal account in mobile. As I have created my PayPal account fully in my mobile and transfer money from paypal  to my bank, the same way i will tell you the whole process so keep reading.

make paypal account in mobile phone

First of all you have to open chrome browser in your mobile, and then you have to do a setting in chrome browser, you will see 3 points in the upper corner, you have to click on it, and click on the desktop site, With that you can open any website in the mobile like computer. now you have to do search in google-PayPal sign up and then you have to click on payPal India - Sign Up for your free PayPal Account than your mobile will open the paypal official website after that if you already have a paypal account you  can click on Log In and if not, then you will click on sign up, then you will see the next page in your phone that opens.
  • for shopper
  • for buisness
You have to click on Shoppers after that  a new page will open in front of you, first you have to select your country, india then enter your Gmail ID,then you have to create a new password,enter the password In the same way we also need to enter the same password again, then press the Continue button. now the next page will be open. now, In the topthere will be written as Tell Us About Yourself and below it will show you the complete form .
You will have to fill the following information in your profile section.
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • Town City
  • Stete
  • Pin code 
  • Mobile number
after filling the following information you will get your account setup completed now for the bank transfer you have to go on the bank options in the menubar and enter the details of your bank after that click on submit now you can also acces the bank transfer feature of paypal
hope you enjoy the article .thank you.

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